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Two hours of quality electronic music old and new, brought to you via turntable’s and CDj’s…..
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Music BoX – Monthly – 3rd Wednesday of the month

promoting cutting edge material and unreleased tracks from the world’s greatest underground artists.It’s all about getting in the mix with established and up-and-coming DJs and producers… and of course myself Keith Anderson & Steve Wellings bringing you everything from the deepest, melodic techno/electro to the toughest jacking beats from around the world with plenty of surprises thrown in the mix .

Remember the name – ‘Music Box’ – bi-weekly Wednesdays 8-10pm UK time (GMT) on Timeline Music.

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Motorcitysounds, as the name suggests are somewhat inspired by the music of the ‘Motor City’, more commonly known as Detroit! Klaina and Trish Van Eynde have been DJing all over and promoting their own events, radio shows and producing their own take on Motor City inspired music for some years now. Their performances are always full of spontaneous energy, quality Detroit inspired music sewn together to create a show distinctly theirs. We are proud to have them join us here at Timeline Music for their new monthly video/radio show, which commences on Tuesday 3rd September 2013 8-10pm UK time (GMT +1) and will continue at that time on the first Tuesday of each month thereafter.

Check out their Facebook page HERE:


1 – UR – Transition – acapella

2 – Hiroshi Watanbe – The Multiverse

3 – Filipino Blast Foglietti – Synthesis

4 – Filipino Blast Foglietti – Impression 1

5 – Iridite – January

6 – DJ Jace – New Jack City

7 – Gary Beck – Barefoot Sunday

8 – Basic Soul Unit – Ruckup

9 – Untitled

10 – Untitled

11 – TS1 – The Big Fake

12 – Hardfloor – Acperience

13 – Melrob – Incessant Loop

14 – Model8 – Lemon8

15 – DJ Sneak – Special K

16 – Ben Sims – In My Soul – Sandwell District mix

17 – Red Planet – Tobacco Ties

18 – Moodymann – 9 Nites To Nowhere

19 – Alden Tyrell – Obsession Scrtch

20 – Metroplex – Technodrivers

21 – Alden Tyrell – Digger mx

22 – IF – Secret Desire

23 – UR – I Am UR

Reviewed By: Twenty Three


Blueprint continue to celebrate their 20th anniversary in much the same way I celebrated my 20th birthday – going all out every weekend for about 6 weeks. They release yet another awesome ep of techno by none other than O/V/R.

O/V/R are a duo comprised of Blueprint head honcho and techno legend, James Ruskin and the enigmatic, uncompromising Regis (aka Karl O’Connor) they have revisited the project for the 20th anniversary. O/V/R debuted in 2009 with two ep’s which was then followed by a series of remix 12 inches featuring Robert Hood, Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann and DVS1.

If you are a fan of this label and Regis you will love this. Easy Prey, the title track, starts with a basic kick and an undulating bassline and filtered analogue stabs. A tweaked up electro harpsicord climbs over the beat, subtle filters and percussion build the pressure. This track is incredible, its hard and unforgiving but in an accessible way, it will destroy dancefloors. Ruskin and Regis work their magic throughout, gentle builds, cuts back to basics but all done in a very understated way.

Everyday Impulse is a bit noisier, a bit more industrial. The trademark stab, rolling disorienting analogue noise, grumbling bass and solid kick. Abstract plinks and plonks, rolls and drags of some distant futuristic techno workhouse are just about noticed in the background. For those that don’t make music, to create a tune that is noisy, that makes people feel dizzy but still rocks and locks them in to that hypnotic state is not an easy thing to do. These guys are arguably two of the best at it though.

Lastly we come to Except in Dreams. Still solid, still tough, rolling rhythm, this time atmospheric sweeps lift and drop you gently in amongst the harshness of the unrelenting techno. Then some madness in a stab gone wild, the kind of track that would make you feel like you were upside down when you were the right way up, confusing yet mesmerising, all the while keeping you locked in to the track.
What to say, three awesome cuts of techno from two of the greats.

This release is due out any day now – watch this space for more info


1. >Fred P- Dark Halls

2. >Fred P- Days In Time

3. >Osunlade- Year Of The Monkey

4. >Chaos In The CBD- Global Erosion

5. >House Of Mora- Hand Sequence

6. >Aleqs Notal- Linea

7. >Reggie Dokes- The Baptism

8. >RayDilla- Something Inside (Darrand Land D4L remix)

9. >Mike Huckaby- First Gear

10. Jovonn- TJF

11. Patrice Scott- The Detroit Upright

12. St. Germain- Sitting Here (Atjazz Remix)

13. Maxi Aubert- Message In The Box

14. Scott Grooves- Gravitas

15. Ed & Jen- Rainbow

16. Chez Damier- Sometimes I Feel

17. Dajae- Day By Day (Chez & Trent Instrumental)

18. Ron Trent- Soundsystem Prevail

19. Trinidadian Deep- London Steps

20. Jenifa Mayanja- Human Nature (Trinidadian Deep Remix)

21. Needs pres. Laurentius- Reminiscence

22. Lars Bartkhun- Golden Age

23. Tatham, Mensah, Lord & Ranks- Cascade

24. GU- Contact (Nova)


This show is dedicated to Andreas Gehm. Who very sadly is no longer with us.

Pukemaster gehm

Andreas Gehm – I Love Acid

Luke Vibert – I Love Acid

DJ Pierre – I Love Acid

Hardfloor – I Love Acid

Luke Vibert – I Love Acid

Dircsen – Encounter

Dircsen – Aspiration

Donato dozzy & Say DJ – Polarity

Oyvind Morken – Mann Mot Maski

Enmeterte – An Acid Song about Herman

Trento Abby – Check the Jack

Michael E – Basic number

Roman Debnar – Anonymous 004

Lost Trax – Flatliner

Jared Wilson – Smart Bar Acid

Lausen – Dry Ray

Jared Wilson – Acid River

Choice – 78

Tim Schumacher – Forum Ep

Nicuri – Replay ep


Convextion /Untitled (acido records)

Polar Inertia /Can We See Well Enough to Move On? I (Demented)

Autechre /Kalpol Introl (Warp Records)

Golden Girls /Kinetic [Morley’s Appollo Mix] (R&S Records)

Future Sound of London /Cascade part V) (Astralwerks)

The Mackenzie /Higher in the Sky (Edition Sufamaco)

Salt Tank /Charged Up (Internal)

Ian O’Brien /Dark Eyed Tango (Ferox)

Sam McQueen /Simple Pleasure (Samurai Records)

The Detroit Escalator Co /The Inverted Man [dreaming] (Peacefrog)

John Beltran /Collage of Dreams (Delsin)

Jordan GCZ /Crybaby J (Off Minor)

Grant /Eldoral Biarritz (The Lauren Bacall)

Reagenz /Si (The Bunker NY)

Apoena /Intense (All Nite Music)

Romar /Blessings (Blue Ciel)

Route 8 /Dance With U (This is Our Time)

Aleqs Notal /Disparity (Finale Sessions Ltd)

Sensual Physics /Always Something (Avant Roots)

Schatrax /First Heart Beat (Schatrax)

Chuggles /Thank-you [Hector Lopez Mix] (Prescription)


>1. Pellarin – September Ambient Mix [Int Sun-Earth Explorer]

.2. The Mole – On My Stomach – [Musique Risquee]

>3. Route 8 – Dance with U [This is Our Time]

>4. Mome – About the Groove [4Lux]

>5. Rondenion – Black Sky [Ragrange]

>6. No Milk – We Got a Party to go to Tonite [Ragrange]

>7. Norm Talley – The Journey [Third Ear]

>8. Spirit of The Black 808 -Two [Eargasmic]

>9. Aurelian aka KM3 – Come Here [Faces]

>10. Jay Daniel – Royal Insanity [Wild Oats]

>11. Gari Romalis – Comeback [Detroit Dancer]

>12. DJ Slym Fas – Hula Hoop Dance [Intagible]

>13. Suburb – 33rpm (Smallpeople Remix) [Thema]

>14. SAM – Fear & Hope [Int Sun-Earth Explorer]

>15. Delano Smith – From Silence [Sushitec]

>16. Eric Miller – Flora [Sushitec]

>17. Exos – Downgarden [Thule]

>18. The Gods Planet – Ascending [TGP]

>19. Shlomo -Escape from Poison River (Artefakt remix) [Delsin]

>20. Ness – A Personal Voyage (Evigt Morker Remix)[Mental Modern]

>21. 2030 – In Aeternum [Black Crow]

>22. Hoodwink – More Millionaires (DJ Q Detroit Dub) [Mute]


ERP – Ancient Light – Solar One

Kerrier District – Lets Dance and Freak – Hypercolour

Eduardo De La Calle – The Doubt of the Unknown – P Rhythm

Limpid – Zibi – MTRZ

Donato Dozzy and Say Dj – Tutto Positivo – Kompakt.

Zefzeed – Lush – Naural

Janerett – Rown – Aku

Infamix – Ee45 – Industrial

YYY – 161

Roman Debnar – Anonymous Release 4 – Anonymous

Future Beat Alliance – Hidden Emotion – Subwax

The End Time is Now – DeepChord Mix – Subwax

Direct – Drone – Hoxton

Destrada – Cmon – Pots ‘n Kettles

Woody McBride – Acid Nougat – Enjoy

Cignol – LDRX3

Mystic Bill – Late Night at the Music Box – Relief

Hostom ZZZ

Microlith – Dance With Me – CPU

Gyroride 005

S.A.M – Brooklyn Nights – Dis Dat.

Thor – Thule

Reviewed By: The Hi-Tek Lo-Life


Tribal Waves, a label hailing from the north of the (soon to be ex-) UK, in a little known mountainous region some refer to as ‘Scotland’ follow on strongly from their last release, the New Game LP by the same outfit: randomDisco. Continuing in and expanding upon the style set on the LP, the release is a a four track set of percussive tech-fest, lovingly laden with layers of rainy day wistfulness and underpinned with an early rave fervour – rippling with a restrained, stark energy. One of Scotland’s finest, Stephen Brown has a good turn on remix duties too!

What we have on offer here are three mixes of a tribute to the somewhat hedonistic (within the rave/techno scene anyway) 90s era aptly entitled ‘Nineties’ plus the shimmering, ever modulating ‘LFO Love’ – let’s kick off with that then shall we? Powered by the almighty 808 kick drum ‘LFO Love’ is a slow builder, with lovely warm pads, that essential dash of the melancholic plus some marvellously oscillating, resonating lead synths cascading in and out of the mix delivering the secondary drive to this cut. One to lose yourself to.

‘Nineties’, as previously stated comes in three distinct flavours, seemingly united only by the theme. The original mix is the most obvious tribute cut of the three, harking back to the pre-jungle days of early British breakbeat hardcore – albeit fuelled by a thunderous 909 kick-drum. Rave-style riffs (think Bizarre Inc etc) and classic breaks are the order of the day here whirling up a maelstrom of flashbacks for this reviewer. Stephen Brown’s mix should have been called ‘Noughties’ as opposed to ‘Nineties’ – for me it’s got that distinctively minimalist yet fierce swing that really came to prominence for me in the first decade of this century (and a lot of it was predominantly from Mr Brown too!). The organ type rave stabs from the original are here , further solidifying unison with the theme and are the icing on a solid piece of machine-funk.

Last up is Zunni’s ‘Tigger Spirit mix’ of ‘Nineties’, probably my preferred mix on here. Heavy on the drums again but equally heavy with the melodies this time round – long, sweeping pads and winding strings swirl over a long, almost militaristic build up to some nice drops where you suddenly become aware that the marching drums are in fact the breakbeat from the original mix laid over the kick. Percussive elements force their way in and out of the track giving it a strangely satisfying yet disjointed feeling, one feels the brain being pulled in a multitude of directions at once.

All in all, another great outing on Tribal Waves for randomDisco , if you like your techno tough, and melodic you need to have a butcher’s.

This release is due out very soon, watch this space for more info.

Reviewed B:y Twenty Three


Forthcoming on Bitten, the new 2000 and One banger – Prowler. A two track release, both tech house slammers, aimed at the dancefloor, from the label boss himself.

Dylan Hermelijn aka 2000 and One is a busy boy! He runs six labels in his native Amsterdam spanning the techno, tech house and house genres. The chosen label for this latest outing is Bitten which he runs with Sandy Huner. Dylan has been involved in the music scene from a very early age for over two decades. He followed the now familiar path from hip hop, to acid house – you know the rest. An accomplished DJ, live act, producer, promoter and label owner the man seems to know no limits!

Prowler starts with a no nonsense 4/4 kick and simple percussion that gets right in your head straight away. Sweeping pads add atmosphere and bring things up a notch, echoing, distant, dark synths compliment the step up in intensity. Every time the sweeps come through you know you are not far from a clean snap straight back into the track, no need for huge drops and big bangs, a thoroughly decent dancefloor destroyer in the right hands.

Spunk the Funk starts again with the pumping 4/4 but this time with a bubbling bassline, that gives the toughness of the beats a funkier edge. Hats, rides and claps reminiscent of The Advent’s early stuff dance over the track beautifully and in a way you can picture the festival tent when the ride comes in and all the hands go up. Clicks, and taps and eventually a simple stab take the track to the next level, some nice dips and no fuss returns to the track make this a devastating tool on the dancefloor. I mentioned The Advent above and this track for me definitely reminded me of their early incarnation and that time of techno and partying – which in my book is a very good thing!

All in all this is (yet another) solid release from a man that has consistently released solid releases. A great tech house cut and an awesome techno cut. Both of these will be in my box (folder!).

This release is available HERE: