Music by nature is subjective but in this modern age of digital music formats some form of quality control is needed to filter the quality from the sea of mediocrity (and far, far worse) available. This is ‘our’ version of Quality Control.

Rennie Foster – Ruff Cuts Tres (RF)

Reviewed By: Neil Martin This is a scorching release of fresh Detroit style funk courtesy of Mr Rennie Foster. First up ‘A.O.D.’ or ‘Art of Dance’ kicks things off with a low slung filtered introduction leading nicely into a bass line brimming with funk. This is heads down, minimal if you like, dextrous music. Complete […]

Tadeo – Chronicles of the Future (Non Series)

Reviewed By: Skip Donahue The word count on this review will be mostly made up of track title names as it features some of the longest titles I’ve seen in ages. I love a good track title – ‘Her Asthma Prevents Her From Living A Homosexual Lifestyle’ by Cindy and ‘Boyzone Make Me Wanna Smoke […]

Patrick Carrera – Hovi EP [Beardman}


Reviewed By: Tom Long Aside from having sifted through some material on his Paranoid Dancer label, truth be told I don’t know a great deal about Patrick Carrera. I find its often best that way when listening to and reviewing new music – no reputation or discography to soil or “rose tint” your ears. A […]

Morphology – The Mirror Comparator [Central Processing Unit]

Reviewed By: Andy Green This will get the deep electro heads a little flustered……a new four tracker by the classy Finnish duo of Matti Turunen and Michael Diekmann on the consistently good CPU from Sheffield. Anyone familiar with both (and of course these came together for the Intercal EP in 2014) will expect exquisitely focussed […]

Perc – Ma [Stroboscopic Artefacts]


Reviewed By: Skip Donahue It seems to have been ages since the last Stroboscopic Artefacts release, for a while last year they were coming thick and fast with releases from Chevel, Zeitgeber and Positive Centre in the second half of 2015 not to mention the outstanding ‘5 Years Of Artefacts’ series consisting of five EPs […]

Obas Nenor – Tonight [Nenorion]

Reviewed By: The Beardless Wonder Having had acclaimed releases on Moodymann’s Mahogani Music and Strictly Rhythm, Obas Nenor, hailing from Israel, kicks off his very own Nenorion label with four cuts of disco-funk fuelled house beats on vinyl, injected with knowledge and laid down with know-how. This is special, which is why we’re breaking Timeline […]

Jayson Wynters – Unfamiliar Territories EP [Phoenix G]

Reviewed By: The Beardless Wonder Mr G surely needs no introduction to regular visitors to this site, somewhat of a techno/house icon his label Phoenix G had been primarily an artist label for the man himself since its inception in 1999 – with just two rare exceptions, this being the second. Jayson Wynters is a […]

30drop – History of Gods – Ft. Sterac remix (30drop records)

Reviewed By: Twenty Three Forthcoming on 30drop records, a four track ep, produced by 30drop including a Steve Rachmad remix under his Sterac guise. If you haven’t heard of 30drop, basically it is a concept project, record label and live performance artist. He (the biography references the fact that he is male) is well worth […]

UNC & RVO – Thedar [Telemorph]

Reviewed By: The Hi-Tek Lo-Life Telemorph is a new concept label from Reggy van Oers and on this, the second release he teams up with UNC (AKA: Dubit) to deliver a fresh, deep sound enhanced by the use of several live recordings using the (D)ronin an electroacoustic instrument. The release will be available in both […]

Rommek – Moth Hole [Blueprint]


Reviewed By: Skip Donahue Richard Polson (RIP) and James Ruskin’s mighty Blueprint label needs no introduction to readers of this site. Since it’s beginnings in 1996 with ‘First Contact’, Oliver Ho’s debut ‘The Gathering’ shortly after and then a flurry more from Polson and Ruskin under their Outline guise, the label has had a massive […]