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Two hours of quality electronic music old and new, brought to you via turntable’s and CDj’s…..
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Music BoX – Monthly – 3rd Wednesday of the month

promoting cutting edge material and unreleased tracks from the world’s greatest underground artists.It’s all about getting in the mix with established and up-and-coming DJs and producers… and of course myself Keith Anderson & Steve Wellings bringing you everything from the deepest, melodic techno/electro to the toughest jacking beats from around the world with plenty of surprises thrown in the mix .

Remember the name – ‘Music Box’ – bi-weekly Wednesdays 8-10pm UK time (GMT) on Timeline Music.

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Motorcitysounds, as the name suggests are somewhat inspired by the music of the ‘Motor City’, more commonly known as Detroit! Klaina and Trish Van Eynde have been DJing all over and promoting their own events, radio shows and producing their own take on Motor City inspired music for some years now. Their performances are always full of spontaneous energy, quality Detroit inspired music sewn together to create a show distinctly theirs. We are proud to have them join us here at Timeline Music for their new monthly video/radio show, which commences on Tuesday 3rd September 2013 8-10pm UK time (GMT +1) and will continue at that time on the first Tuesday of each month thereafter.

Check out their Facebook page HERE:

Reviewed By: The Beardless Wonder


Andrew is old school, he’s been at this a very long time consistently remaining true to his fiercely electro powered funk with that ever prevalent futuristic angle that echoes pioneers such as the Underground Resistance crew, Aux 88 even all the way back to the likes of Newcleus and Egyptian Lover – but these are just echoes, influences. Andrew had stamped his mark all over these tracks with resounding authority. These memories inspired Mr Red Hand’s musicality to apparently higher levels of creativity, his work has always been fantastic, this is imperative.

With ‘Fugitive for one Night’ Andrew demonstrates his take on the whole hi-tech soul scenario with apparent ease. Powerful 808 patterns fuel an intensely funked up and sopping wet bass-line overlain with ferocious flourishes and lively keyboard skills. All elements merge superbly to deliver a veritable powerhouse of an electronically enhanced energising device. Now this really will give you wings.

’Bass Agenda 86’ cuts like a knife, the fabulous electro drum machine once again drives proceedings whilst analog style bass and keys shake their thang delivering an immense groove, smothered in shimmery, shiny riffs. There’s more space in this cut, more of a stellar feel to the events at play but there’s no faulting the funk here!

The aptly entitled ‘VIP Club on Acid’ is a sparser more tripped out affair(hence the aptly titled tag), laden with bubbling, burping and farting 303 type action and piercing analog synths bringing an abstract yet still eminently strong electro cut that will quite literally rip dancefloors to shreds.

‘ER’ takes a different approach to the other tracks on here. Thunderous freestyle 909 drums are the underlying force to the sinister beauty of the overlying music. Dirty acid bass is accompanied by dark, moody strings and jittery arpeggios, further enhancing the insidiously pensive vibe. Tense, nerve shattering sonic weaponry would sum this one up nicely.

In summary I would say this is a journey through some of my favourite qualities in the electro/techno realm. The EP has a solid, sound sense of candor about it, there is a distinct absence of pretentiousness in Andrew’s work and I sincerely recommend you check this AND his back catalogue out.

This release is out NOW on Bandcamp and in other stores soon.

Reviewed By: The Beardless Wonder


Apparently Resident Advisor’s most charted artist of 2015 Radio Slave really doesn’t disappoint here, more to the point he is immensely impressive. Vision is one of those cuts that is so finely honed, refined – sculpted even, that the palpably anticipatory vibe keeps you hooked throughout. The attention to space and minimalist detail shines through assimilating all who hear it. The insistent lead synth pulls the track through a spaced out voyage into a deeply reflective zone, laden with some seriously enchanting keys and all the while that voice is reminding you to have ‘vision’, invoking both purpose and reason into play.

As I suspected, Marcel Dettman’s mix beefs things up a little, more of a thwack attack on the drums – more distortion on that ever more prevalent lead sound and the addition of some lovely effects to it which bring a barely perceptible pitch change. Dettman remains staunchly faithful to the original whilst giving it his own rather distinctive touch and oh boy does this work. Those ghostly keys from both mixes reverberate around my ‘inner ears’ long after listening, haunting my frontal lobes… Flickering in my dreams.

Classy, grade ‘A’ techno, both versions. Distinctive, original and profound -undoubtedly essential.

This release is due out very shortly, watch this space for updates.

This month’s ESSENTIAL selection – hand picked by the Timeline Music DJ team with contributions from:
Inner Shift Music, Raymond Willis, Stephen Sherdel, Placid, Sander Prins, Keith Anderson, Steve Wellings, Leah Floyeurs, Billy Mathieson, and Rick Hopkins.


Timeline Music Top 30 – May 2016

>1. Electric Rescue – Texture Shot (skryptom)

>2. Glenn Underground – The Root

>3. Stephen Lopkin – Semaphore Hill

>4. John Shima Rotation EP (Contrast Wax)

>5. TX Connect. Untimely Emotions. Computer Controlled

>6. Soulphiction – Riot party II – Musikkrause

>7. Mattia Trani – 313 Times (Juan Atkins Mix) (Nighttripper Records)

>8. Lamaze – No Dusk

>9. EDMX “Ride The Gyroscope” (Gyrorode 003)

10. Gemini Voice Archive…Involves Sunlight

11. Shlomo – The Rapture (arts)

12. Cleric – Formation

13. Ghost Culture “Safe” (Phantasy Sound)

14. 2030 – Prescience EP (CLFT France)

15. Save!. The Light. Les Disques De La Mort

16. HVL presents Kiyadama – Cosmic Hum EP – Rough House Rosie

17. Life Recorder – World Affair

18. Mall Grab – About You – Hokkaido Dance Club

19. Lea Porcelain – Mixes by Benedikt Frey and Roman Flugel (Live At Robert Johnson)

20. Jamal moss – This Is Living That gherkin Life Vol 4

21. London Modular Alliance – Wireless

22. GESLOTEN CIRKEL “MC012” (Murder Capital Holland)

23. Chris Gray – From Fear to Fantasia – Pulp

24. Miles Atmospheric – Obliquity

25. Gemini Voice Archive – Fase

26. Foreign Material – Omega System ep (curle recordings)

27. Brent – Revenge of the supa 12 – vinyl underground.

28. Chinaski – Rivers Edge (Uncanny Valley)

29. Me K. Happy Song(edits). Most Excellent Unity

30. A Sagittariun – Elasticity

Reviewed By: Neil Martin


Well I am sent a three piece vinyl debut on Tresor for one of Techno’s bright lights and it is hard to imagine what could be anything but excellent about this. I am excited and intrigued in equal measure.

Having a listen through and I am contemplating whether or not a track by track piece would be appropriate as opposed to me simply encapsulating the release with complimentary lyrical waxing and by F2 and ‘Fear is gone’ I am in no doubt that just telling you how good this is the only way to proceed. This is fresh, fresh in a way that anyone who appreciates the harsh yet melodically metallic texture of proper Techno will be in rapturous approval over. Imagine Jeff Mills and Rod Modell releasing an album on Blueprint and you get not only an idea of some potential influences but also the gravity of this release. It is simply awesome, not reinventing nor recreating but definitely reinterpreting a powerful and inspiring sound in a manner all of his own.

It is hard to pick a few favourites let alone one as each tune brings a smile and sense of pleasure to me that whilst is not uncommon is always enjoyable.

On reflection I really enjoy the releases that get sent to me but I have to say the sense of excitement when I abandon my usual format to just exclaim ‘buy this release everyone’ is one that is hard to rival. Something versatile that could fit into an array of sets and turn heads is exactly what we have here.

Just in case I wasn’t clear enough, just buy it folks.

This release is forthcoming – watch this space for details.

Reviewed By: The Beardless Wonder


Matthias Dziwak, otherwise known as Avondlicht is a new name to me and therefore, rather unfortunately I had left this promo near the bottom of the (virtual) pile – everyone needs a system, right?. Luckily I managed to preview it shortly before the (now extremely) imminent release date. Upon opening the (virtual) package my level of anticipation increased exponentially upon seeing that Eomac (one half of Timeline Music’s favourite acts ; Lakker was one of the two artists on remix duties here.

‘Disintegration Patterns’ is a prime example example of epic storytelling within not only music and composition but also the sound architecture itself. Carrying with it a resplendent, vibrant yet wistful beauty, with undercurrents of profound sadness interspersed with flickers of hope and buoyant rays of warmth and light. Down-tempo techno, for both mind and heart.

Not to take anything away from the original, I’ve already stated we are fans of Lakker/Eomac here on Timeline Music, but Eomac’s work on his mix is simply outstanding. Though the drums are more powerful here they only serve to enhance the ambience more , which itself has been further beautified. The addition of some wonderfully emotive keys really make this mix tug at the old heartstrings. The thunderously crunchy percussion gives the mix a decidedly post-apocalyptic feel which, as previously stated only adds to the music as opposed to driving it (as can often be the case in techno). Divine, thought provoking electronica that will stand the test of time.

Anik’s remix, whilst still carrying a lot of the original track’s elements suffers a little from the addition of some floaty, old school Goa trance-style keys that kind of ruin it a little for this reviewer. Though possibly for many the most accessible mix on here I think Timeline Music readers/listeners will understand why I’m pushing the original and Eomac mixes over this.

As this will be available to buy as a digital download you can pick and choose which mixes you buy, please do check this out as it needs to be supported.

This release is due out very shortly – keep your eyes out for updates.

Reviewed By: Twenty Three


Soon to be released, the latest offering on the inimitable Tommy Four Seven’s label – 47. The idea of the label is to reflect and compliment his regular club events, also called 47. The label features EPs, each with four original tracks, provided by guests from his events with the focus on the dancefloor. Each release will also feature a track from Tommy himself.

Tommy Four Seven is British born, but resides in Berlin. In under ten years he has established himself as a leading name in the techno scene. He has released on labels such as Electric Deluxe, Stroboscopic Artefacts and CLR, where he is now an integral part of Chris Liebing’s label.

Track 1 is by Pfirter – Homeostasis. A deep grumbling broken beat kicks us off, strange sounds like electricity trickling through a drain, an off kilter sound, something like a cross between a tuba and a trumpet on acid fluctuates in and out of the beat, as usual the percussion ties it all together and sort of makes sense of it all. Some lovely melancholy sounds and interesting progressions and drops make this a sure fire hit for the dark, deep, dancefloor techno heads.

Track 2 Shlømo – Golem. This starts out with a straight four four kick and driving but subtle bass, a faint melody builds in the background surrounded by robotic chittering and what could be the sound of a mechanical forest waking up. Hats increase the intensity along with the mutable bass and background sounds. The track evolves nicely, definitely suited to a dark warehouse at about 3am.

Track 3 Amotik – Sau. A pounding kick straight from the off with a high pitched relentless sound, it’s reminiscent of a fast train almost, but not quite out of control. Things build quickly. This is a full on techno assault, a dancefloor destroyer. It retracts slightly, some very haunting, electronic, distorted vocals come in and it takes off.

Track 4 is from the main man – Tommy Four Seven – Fünf. Rolling broken beats, machine percussion, and cosmic rain in the form of sound. Incredible low end action – would love to hear this on a decent system. Intelligent, hypnotic and emotive techno. My favourite track off the EP, possibly for the slightly more discerning floor, but I think it’s a killer.

This release is available HERE:


Mu-ziq /Pac (R&S Records)

The True Underground Sound of Rome /Sonic Crystals (Vibraphone)

The Orb /Towers of Dub (Island Records)

Bandura /Untitled (Bandura)

Leif /???? (Until My Heart Stops)

Black Dog Productions /Phil (Warp)

Terrace /Beyond The Mind (Djax Up Beats)

B12 /Ecliptic (B12 Records)

Salt Talk /Sargasso Sea (Internal)

Underworld /Dirty (Alternation)

Scubadevils /Celestial Symphony [Angel Delight Mix] (Novamute)

Secret Knowledge /Sugar Daddy (Sabres of Paradise)

Swag /Drum Hydraulics 5 (Junior Boys Own)

Metal Masters /Spectrum (Harthouse)

Yuri Shulgin /Acid Vertigo (Modernista)

Miltiades /Wa4.SUN (EchoVolt Music)

Steve Moore /Panther Moderns (LIES)

Tevo Howard /Energia (Beautiful Granville)

Ali Gobi /White Dwarf (Blind Jacks Journey)

Schatrax /Restless Nights (Schatrax)

Cosmjn /Changes (RORA)

Dorisburg /Uncertaintly (Northern electronics)


>1. French Fries – Working on a Dream [clekclekboom]

>2. STL – Monkey Island [something]

>3. Juan Atkins & Moritz Von Oswald – Riod [tresor]

>4. Tennis – Make it Good (Larry Heard Vox Dub) [life&death]

>5. Gulcher Lustwerk – I Neva Seen [lustwerkmusik]

>6. Gavin Herlihy – Krypton Factor [apprelmusic]

>7. Basil – Ate You House [future visions]

>8. 25 Places – Visual Basic [balance]

>9. Midland – Placement (Lone Remix) [aus]

>10. Adesse – Baayi [prime numbers]

>11. Alex Danilov – Unknown Numbers (Fred P Remix) [arma]

>12. A Made Up Sound – Thin Air [delsin]

>13. Mr G – For Those who Feel [MrG]

>14. The Wise Caucasian – 015 [pariter]

>15. Titonton – Provactive Unreleased Mixes [aDepthAudio]

>16. Hiver – Whatsoever [bokhari]

>17. Kessel – Quantum Fluctations [triple vision]

>18. Shlomo – The Rapture [arts]

>19. Electric Rescue – Texture Shot (Zadig Remix) [skryptom]

>20. Juho kusti – In Dreams We Swim in Fountains [ryc]

>21. AWB – Celestial Longtitude (PVNV Remix) [taapion]

>22. Alter Ego – Electric Bedroom [klang]

Reviewed By: The Hi-Tk Lo-Life


The one and only Dixon Avenue Basement Jams come good with this, their latest release a fiercely acidic, melodiously harmonic techno powerhouse of an EP from the rather gifted Mr Wilson, a diverse package unified by the shared elements of acidic integrity and eminent danceability and diverse as the moods on offer range from uplifting to downright sinister – from profoundly emotive to aggressively minimal. Lets do this shall we??

‘Pheo Acid’ was the obvious choice for the A1 track due to its inherent, across the board appeal potential. Dripping with 303 flavours, enhanced by a deep warm bass pad and enriched with highly contagious melodies this one is going to ingrain itself in the corridors of the mind of anyone fortunate enough to consume it. This one has all the ingredients of something that could well explode across both house and techno scenes.

Next up the sneaky, stalky ‘Acid River’ is a barebones, late night number powered by the aforementioned inclusion of some searing 303 riffs, raw 808 beats and sinister pads this one has an inherently ‘ye olde school’ vibe about it – that sense of anticipation that masters of the more minimally acid sound of days gone by did so well brought right up to date. Essential.

Once again, the B1 cut ‘Smartbar Acid’ seems to have been chosen for its more accessible, wide ranging appeal. All of the elements are there soul, funk and pure emotion conveyed in the keys and pads. This one is highly original, goosebump inducing electronica with a wistfully dreamy centre that is sure to make this stand out from the crowd. Underpinned with glorious acid and skeletal 808 percussion this is a future classic.

The EP’s title track, as no surprise, continues with the spookily acidic nature of ‘Acid River’ – invoking peripheral images of barely perceivable sprites, quantum entities flitting in and out of existence in time with some bizarre inter-dimensional strobe – the deeply lysergic nature of this EP seems to have done the trick!

For lovers of techno, acid and house purists as well as general connoisseurs of lovely harmonics.

This release is available HERE:

Reviewed By: Neil Martin


The latest release on Mark Brooms own label doesn’t disappoint with five tracks in total, featuring two remixes.

‘Sixty Six’ in its original form is a thumping piece of warped Techno. The sounds provide a feeling of darkness and light and they move between the two main elements. An almost bumping feel though too makes this one to check, well pumping and relentless. The press release mentions Chicago as an influence whereas I would go Chi-town and Berlin. The remix of this track is provided by TWR72 and things get heavier and more intense with some nice effects added to the main chord sequence, with less bump and more pound.

‘Quantique’ is up next with the original mix. This is a more subtle Techno flavour as the groove just weaves round your mind expertly complimented by the 909 high hats and we are definitely bang in the centre of the dance floor wanting more. This a got a really strong funk vibe to it with some electronic noise that I find sublime. Patrik Carrera remixes this track keeps the feel of the original whilst charting an even more subterranean course, sort of like Carl Craig and Rob Hood collaborating. So that’s 4/4 so far let’s find out if this release finished how it started. ‘M19’ is the tracks name and it’s great from the start. Whereas we have had four tracks offering plenty this is just full on Techno of the 5am variety. Lost by name and lost by nature, so to speak.

If you like Techno buy this.

This release is available HERE: