Music by nature is subjective but in this modern age of digital music formats some form of quality control is needed to filter the quality from the sea of mediocrity (and far, far worse) available. This is ‘our’ version of Quality Control.



Review By: Twenty Three Forthcoming on Stimulus Recordings, label boss Paul Mac serves up the 10th and final (for now!) release of his Archive series. Three techno jams that show Pauls diversity and production skill. Stimulus was started at the end of ’96 as an outlet for Pauls dancefloor aimed material. Twenty years of regular […]

Binny/Lee Holman – Resistance EP (Orbis)


Reviewed By: The Beardless Wonder Orbis have seen fit to bestow upon us another weighty slab of vinyl – weighty both physically and musically, featuring two Brit-techno champions who really don’t mess around. This is serious stuff, none of your sugary, diluted fodder – this selection cuts straight to the bone. Adam Cummings, AKA Binny […]

Rennie Foster (Ft. Drivetrain, John Shima and more) – Just a mask (RF)


Review By: Neil Martin Rennie Foster returns on his own RF imprint with a great track and choice selection of remixes. As someone who has a really long standing reputation within the Electronic music community and also prior to that Foster has a real knack of delivering consistently. This release contains five mixes of ‘Just […]

Borderland (Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald present) – ‘Transport’ LP [Tresor]


Reviewed By: Andy Green Way back in 1992,when Detroit Techno was maturing and European labels and producers couldn’t get their hands on creators soon enough, a significant Techno Alliance emerged through the partnership of Moritz Von Oswald (a relatively nascent name in techno at that time) and Juan “Magic” Atkins. A third head joined them, […]

Taho & Jules Wells – Jam [Logos]

Reviewed By: The Beardless Wonder Well, firstly let me say just how great it is for me to see Logos releasing tracks once again, moreover continuing their fine tradition of putting out mighty club tracks that quite literally gush warmth and heartfelt soul from every key, every hit and every hat. What we have here […]

Timeline Music DJs Chart – April 2016 (complete with links)

Timeline Music – Top 30 April 2016 1.  passEnger – HyBrid Science EP (Tabernacle) 2.  Dj phlowgod – mantha EP (Echovolt Greece) 3.  Donato Dozzy ‎– Squadra Quadra EP (The Bunker) 4.  AWB – Celestial Longitude EP [Taapion Records] 5.  Conforce – Cruising EP – Curle (Repress) 6.  Blawan – Say What You Want To […]

Orlando Voorn – ‘Music is Life EP’ (Round About Sounds)

Reviewed By: Neil Martin A choice three track release from Dutch legend Orlando Voorn, featuring a couple of collaborations this really is a surprise for me; as I am used to his heavier productions whereas this is more in the Floorplan vein of Rob Hood. Heavily melodic yet the inate genius of moving people on […]

Usurp – Romani Ite Domum [Usurp]

Reviewed By: Twenty Three Usurp – a: to seize and hold (as office, place, or powers) in possession by force or without right b: to take or make use of without right. Usurp is a new label who’s first release is due out at the end of this month. The label is an anonymous collective […]

CTRLS – Nonuser (Token)

Reviewed By: The Hi-tek Lo-Life   Copenhagen based Troels Knudsen continues his (not so) quiet 10 years plus obsession with electronic music under the CTRLS alias in fine fashion with this, his latest outing on the mighty Token (link: http://www.tokenrecords.com/). In fact, Token seems to be CTRLS’ place of residence after a string of top […]

V/A Ft: Binny / John Mitchell / Paul Mac / Ross Alexander – FRT002 (Forte Techno)


Reviewed By: Neil Martin A four track release with contributions from four different artists. All coming correct with a strong Techno flavour. Some Millsesque type references are included but this is quite easily an up to date selection of dance floor bombs. First up Binny with ‘Machine 101’ has a strong groove from the off […]