“A well-known producer recently composed a track entitled; “Deepness Is A State of Mind”, that seems to capture my take on music. For myself there is genuinely little better than immersion in sound for escapism, contemplation or adventure. I like to think that can happen using many forms of electronic music and that’s why I move between house, techno, dub, ambient, electronica.”

Join Andy every 2nd Tuesday of the month commencing October 8th 8-10PM UK time (UTC+1) HERE:

Andy Green – Verdant Session 33 [May]


Tracklist: Mu-ziq /Pac (R&S Records) The True Underground Sound of Rome /Sonic Crystals (Vibraphone) The Orb /Towers of Dub (Island Records) Bandura /Untitled (Bandura) Leif /???? (Until My Heart Stops) Black Dog Productions /Phil (Warp) Terrace /Beyond The Mind (Djax Up Beats) B12 /Ecliptic (B12 Records) Salt Talk /Sargasso Sea (Internal) Underworld /Dirty (Alternation) Scubadevils […]

Andy Green – Verdant Session 32 [April]


Tracklist: o1o aka Aybee /Moonstalk (Further Records) SH2000 /VG01 side A (Volking Music) Magic Mountain High /XX A (Workshop) Patrice Scott /Excursions (Sistrum Recordings) Shaun Soomro /Journey To Delerium [Marcellus Pitman Remix (Lick My Deck) Leif /Decision, Asummption (UntilMyHeartStops) Albrecht La’ Brooy /Louis’ (Analogue Attic Recordings) Linkwood /Secret Value (Shevcenko) Frazer Campbell /Moving Thoughts (Open […]

Andy Green – Verdant Session 16.3 – Scaramuzzi


Tracklisting: Jo Johnson /In the Shadow of the Workhouse (Further Records) Donato Dozzy /II (Claque Musique) Donato Dozzy /Vapourware 1 (Spectrum Spools) Donato Dozzy /Untitled A from K (Further Records) Donato Dozzy & Claudio Fabrianesi /Fade Out (Mule Electronic) Donato Dozzy /Untitled C2 from K (Further Records) Voices From The Lake /In Giova (Prologue) Voices […]

Andy Green Presents – Verdant Sessions 30 (09.02.16)

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 12.38.02

  Tracklist:   Jordan GCZ /Lushlyfe (Rush Hour “no label”) The High-On-Wye Quintet /Nant Feinon (Freerotation) Albrecht La’Brooy /Edgwater Towers (Analogue Attic Recordings) Kurt Baggeley /Family Resemblance (Hotmix Records) Moon B /Measure Pleasure [Golden Ivy Remix] (Pulp) SH2000 /Good News [Yuri Shulgin Remix] (Ethereal Sound) Good Guy Makesh & Filbert /Place of Love (Crow Castle […]

Andy Green Presents – Verdant Sessions 29 (12.01.16)

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 16.50.29

  Tracklist:   Shinichi Atobe /The Red Line (Demdike Stare) Ever Moving /Lagoon Drive (Get The Balance Right!) Cygnus /Nexus Telecoms (Central Processing Unit) B12 /2 Stories (Delsin) Erik Van Der Broek /Primerose (De:Tuned) RV800 /Equanimity (Formula Japan) Giorgio Gigli /Depth Perception (Aconito Records) Monotix /Polydrum (Sound On Sound) Juho Kahilainen /untitled (HYV) Mike Huckaby […]

Andy Green Presents – Verdant Sessions 28 (09.11.15)


  Tracklist:   Fatdog /Legohead (No More To Roam) Edward /Do It (Giegling) Florist /112212 (Pacific Rhythm) Jonas Palzer /Solid/Liquid (Portray) Linkwood /Off Kilter [no midi mix] (Firecracker Recordings) Mick Welch /Conscious Field (Altered Moods Recordings) Kai Alcé & Rico /Take A Chance [Mr. Fingers Full Ambient Acid Instrumental] (NDATL Musik) Leonid /Can’t Stop (Freebeat) […]

Andy Green Presents – Verdant Sessions 27 (10.11.15)

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 15.36.04

encrypted video hosting   Tracklist:   Bipolardepth /Posevy (Udacha) Fred Buddah /Good Kush (Urban Imagery) Boreal /Future Canopy (Forbidden Planet Recordings) Florist /112712 (Pacific Rhythms) Route 8 /Ash Dub (Lobster Theremin) Intrusion /A Gentle Embrace (Echospace [Detroit]) Shohei Takata /Last Resort (Statik Entertainment) Space Afrika /Untitled (LL.M) Porn Sword Tobacco /Magnifik Botanik (Aniara Recordings) Anomaly […]

Andy Green Presents – Verdant Sessions 26 (13.10.15)

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 18.35.31

  Tracklist:   Diffuse Arc /Ufo (Caus+ica) Cloudface /UandMe (Opal Tapes) Marco Bernardi /Interfusion BiAmp (Harbour City Sorrow) The Abstract Eye /Twinkerbelly (Valentine Connexion) Visonia /Impossible Romance (Last Known Trajectory) Synth Alien /Messier 33 (Interstellar Tracks) Simoncino /Dream (LIES) Putch’79 /Glowing Cat (Clone) Deep Space Orchestra /Let’s Save (LOTI remix) (Use of Weapons) Inner City […]

Andy Green Presents – Verdant Sessions 25 , 08.09.15

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 08.39.45

  Tracklist:   Brock Van Wey /A Chance to Start Over [intrusion under a starlit sky mix] (Echspace [Detroit]) Jouem /Tale of Victory (Mojuba) Rising Sun /Nostalgia [Version D] (Kristofferson Kristofferson) Rhythm & Sound /Jah Rule [Version] (Burial Mix) Round Two /New Day (Main Street Records) Exos /W.E (Delsin Reissue) Bernard Badie /Move to the […]

Andy Green Presents – Verdant Sessions 24 , 10.08.15

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 15.03.30

  Tracklist:   d5 /floatation tank (delsin) the moderator /thin beat (eevolute) rhythim is rhythim /icon (transmat) conforce /hydrosphere (delsin) bovill / trescore (meanwhile) lawrence /nowhere is a place (smallville) october vs voodoo down /las modelos (voodoo down) joey anderson /earth calls (deconstruct) the sun god /analogue codes (frantic flowers) kuba sojka /progression (dmk) ka […]