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Neurp – Psychoneurotic Transmissions Pt. 69 (22/01/14)


Many Very Fine Songs – Traditional 19

Harmonic 33 – Marrionette

Jimi Tenor ‎– Caravan

Jeff Mills – The Extremist DNA mix

Bizz O.D. – Tell Me If I’m Right Or Wrong

Laurent Garnier – Crispy Bacon (Jeff Mills Solid Sleep Mix)

Rude 66 – No Cure

DJ Powerout – Lift

Iota – Greed Of Genes

DBX – Loosing Control Robert Hood Remix

Jeff Mills – The Fear As We Know It

Psychic Warfare – Tensions

Rude 66 – B-Day

Ordinary Folk – Brain Repair

Ceephax Acid Crew – Godzilla

Trash Aesthetic – Pimp Impulse

Donna Summer – What You Truly Need

Donna Summer – We Call It “The Box”

The Kosmik Kommando – Psychoatomic

Ultradyne – Document 13 – (Live)

Sync (ESP) – Baseball Box

Skull vs ESP – G-Rated

Silicon / Lowsh ‎– Si_Lo A1

Source – Vagator

Electronome – Voltage Matching

Remote ‎– The Swarm

Wagon Christ – Perkission

Bogdan Raczynski – Alright! Part 6

Music BoX – chapter 11 Ft. Keith Anderson (22/01/14)


1. S/EXP – Indigo Oasis (Bonus Track)

2. Dexter – X7D (Original)

3. Marcel Fengler – Trespass-Aubrey (Remix) Promo

4. Hector – Hide (Delano Smith Mix)

5. Theo Parrish – Peter Wheetfeet

6. Mosaic split Series – Such Good Taste (Promo)

7. Loud Neighbor – The Fellonship (Octave One Remix) Promo

8. Hiver – Blue Aconite

9. Mosaic split Series – Balsamaceous (Promo)

10. Various – Plant 43 – GJ 1214b

11. Da Posse – Strings (Krazze Mix)

12. 1993 – Forever Mix 2

13. XTrak – Rotate

14. Till Kruger – Stomach Stories

15. Dbx – electric shock

16. Umit Han – An Einem Traurigen Morgen (Fym Remix)

17. Myles Serge – E.C.-I.

18. Bleaching Agent – jain (original mix)

19. Recondite – Stomper

20. L’estasi Dell’oro / Ozka – Blue Mosaic

21. Proudly People, VAM – Find Me (Original Mix)

22. J.Tijn – U U U

23. OL-047 – Verde Bottiglia

24. KEL – Irritant

25. Gerry Read – Granny Bag

26. Alex Cortex – Mem

27. Tripeo – Untitled #5

28. Limo – Boot Break (Mike Dehnert Remix)

29. Marcelus – Emerald (Reprise Mix)

Music BoX – Chapter 10 Ft. Chris T (Re/Deep) (15/01/14)


1. Plastikman – I Don’t Know

2. Area Forty One – Freefall

3. Kompvte – DVILLE (CV313 MIX)

4. Drivetrain – Metro Beach (Promo)

5. Mosaic Split Series – Such Good Taste (Promo)

6. Area Forty One – Nocturnal Passions Part I

7. Duplex – First Day Jx3PO (Original Mix)

8. Arcanoid – Monocyte


09. Fatih Tuter – WSV

10. Coppice Halifax – Smoker’s Lux

11.G.R.i.T. – Endless Waves (P.Laoss Remix)

12. Brickman – Spirit

13. Edanticonf – The Quiet Of Autumn

14. Coppice Halifax – Whisky Dub

15. Deepchord – Cruising Towards Dawn

16. Decoside – Reload 2 (Najem Sworb Remix)

17. Paranoia Department – Plague

18 Quantec – Nightshade

19.Deepchord Presents Echospace – the Coldest Season – Part 3 – Elysian

L.B Dub Corp – Unknown Origin LP (Ostgut Ton)

Reviewed by: The Bearded Wonder

The multi talented, multi faceted Luke Slater has finally seen fit to bestow upon us his first LP under his L.B Dub Corp guise and boy, it really has been worth the wait! For those unacquainted with L.B Dub Corp it’s Luke’s softer edged guise – some would say more house influenced persona though I would argue that it’s not solely that. This is a collection of deeply thoughtful vibes across the spectrum of electronic music containing moments of goose-bump inducing beauty directly contrasted with more abstract dubby flavours and fiercely minimal techno. A proper album with diverse flavours all inexorably linked.

Kicking off with ‘Take A Ride’ the first of two tracks on the LP to feature the dub poet Benjamin Zephaniah. It’s a deeply raw, mid tempo 808 driven groove with Benjamin laying some ghostly vocals over the top suggesting we ‘take a ride’ on this irresistible rhythm, laden with warm yet strangely sinister pads. Nestling in that awkwardly refreshing, uncategorisable zone where all the best music sits. ‘Nearly Africa’ , with percussion reminiscent of one of my favourite house tracks EVER; Tribal House’s ‘Dim Dae’, as the title suggests comes with a decidedly African vibe, chants and some great, spoken words asking about our inability to come together, lose our preconceptions about colour and race. Proper depth and integrity in both composition and meaning. Lovely stuff, heavy on the bass and some funky piano riffs overlain pulling the track into brighter territory.

‘Ever and Forever’ is a shimmering synth led, minimal techno edged monster with heavily delayed stabs and jangly, understated piano riff that works surprisingly well (the key is in the simplicity!). A detached ambience is delivered within this track both icy cool and warm at once. ‘LB’s Dub’ literally is just that, a heavy dub bass-line underpinned with explosively reverbed downtempo kick drums and some great, wobbly flourishes, reggae flavoured stabs and vocal samples.

Now, here is where we address my favourite number on the LP, ‘No Trouble In Paradise’. Please don’t misunderstand me, the whole LP really is first class but this track just shines through sheerly for the hair raising, chicken skin delivering pad sequences and underlying keys. Sublime is an understatement and the sense of composition and purpose are profoundly tangible throughout, this stood up to repeated listens, at high volume and delivered the same icy cold shivers of pleasure, every. Single. Time. Hi tech soul of the highest order, heart warming and feet moving. I can honestly say it’s been some time since a track has touched me like this. Epic.

‘I Have A Dream’ continues the deep, bassy vibe with yet another epic and beautiful pad sequence to die for. This is the track where Benjamin Zephaniah really demonstrates his ability as both a poet and a lyricist with some words both heartfelt , at times funny and yet highly observant and ironic. Music with a message.

We are back in techno flavoured house territory (or is it vice versa?) with ‘Turner’s House’. Punchy , old school house drums and insistent bass and lead patterns reminiscent of Virgo Four or Gherkin Jerks. Fabulous. ‘Generation to Generation’ is deeper, with big stabs driving the track and plenty of mad, delayed effects flying in and out of the mix. A male voice narrates a barely discernible story throughout. Again with piano adding that extra layer of light this track builds and builds into something special indeed.

The hypnotic power of ‘Any Time Will Be OK’ is undeniable, classic house drums once again are the base for an absolutely massive, wet filtered bassline that twists the mind of the listener, constantly evolving and warping throughout. The strength of this track is in just how it keeps the listener engaged on this almost psychedelic, dub house journey. Nailing the finishing touch to the LP is ‘Roller’, one of the more pounding aggressive numbers on this release. Obviously wanting to go out with a bang he succeeds admirably here. Thumping, minimal almost pugnacious in nature we are almost entering familiar Slater/Planetary Assault Systems mode here. It’s almost like Luke wanted to remind us just who produced this LP.

So, in summary – this LP is, in my opinion, essential for those who have any interest in deeply moving, raw, profound, dub flavoured electronica with that techno punch. It also offers a refreshing perspective on just where we have come from and where we may be headed in the electronic music arena.

This release is available to check and buy HERE: Vinyl HERE:

Deepchord – Prana / Tantra (Soma)

Reviewed by: Neil Martin
Unmistakably the sound of Rod Modell yet fans will be delighted to hear the variance in the subtle nuances of this master of dub techno. Sure, we are given the space and rhythm but something is different too. Both cuts open with ambience and then head deep underground or deep into space. It’s hard to choose and to be honest it really doesn’t matter as this is destined to be a special release in a catalogue full of them.

First up ‘Prana’ with its ornate percussion and mystical background is simply aural bliss. There is the dub sound but I almost think this is a living organism of some sort as it flows and ebbs drawing you into the other world of its existence. By the midway point this track is alive, alive with the sound of fresh sounds that relax, soothe and enthral all at the same time. I may stand to be corrected on this but my experience of this sound leads me to think this is a game changer on a par with the Maurizio series, particularly part four- yes, that good. ‘Tantra’ moves back into more recognisable Deepchord synthesis, but the percussion is again more central and prominent than I would normally associate with a Deepchord release. It’s almost like a jazz funk on Tramadol with its laid back, pulsing rhythmic funk. Imagine Chez ‘n’ Trent hooking back up with Maurizio and you have an idea of how this sounds to me. Of course all of this reference and reverence to other musical masters takes not one piece of respect away from Rod Modell who has once again reshaped our perception of sonic depth with this searching release of exquisite dub funk.

So there you have it, a masterpiece and future classic – If you do one positive thing this week make it supporting the pioneering spirit of Deepchord.

This release is available to preview and purchase HERE: Vinyl HERE:

Sander Prins Presents – Maiden Voyage 3 (16/10/13)

Tracklist (with links):

01. Stranger – Paola’s Element (Octopus)

02. Morphology – Euclidean Structure (Sementica)

03. Dynarec – Legendary Days (Kondi)

04. B.H.F.V. – ET 06 (Live At Robert Johnson)

05. Panacustica – Time is Now (Fingers Dub Mix) (Panacustica)

06. Greg Paulus – Suchashame (D.S.)

07. Hammon Decks – For DJ Booking Call +47 4829-6349 (Running Back) No link available
08. Massimiliano Pagliara – Harmonize (DJ Sotofett’s Outta Tune and Inna Jungle Mix) (Live At Robert Johnson)

09. Far East Rec. – 15 Years (Hotmix Records) No link available
10. Elec. Pt1 – How Can I (Abstract Acid)

11. Entro Senestre – Sun High (Echovolt)

12. Willie Burns – Fantasy, MD (L.I.E.S.)

13. Snuff Crew – Like The Wind (Skylax)

14. Alba feat. Fred Ventura – Without You (Aube)

15. Massimiliano Pagliara – In Order Of More Depth (B.H.F.V. Remix) (Live At Robert Johnson)

16. Xamiga – Unsolved Universe (Rush Hour)

17. Pional – We Have Been Waiting For You (Hivern)

18. Snuff Crew – Lovefreak (Playhouse)

19. Marco Bernardi – Emotionale Part II (Creme Organization)

20. Dan Curtin – A Flash in the Distance (Peacefrog)

21. The Connection Machine – Speel (Tabernacle)

22. The Seducers – Atmosfetamin (Cytown)

23. Morphology – BIT-Space (Legowelt Remix) (Motorcity Classic Future Sound)

24. Philipp Gorbachev – In the Delta (Comeme)

25. Legowelt – Flight of the Jupiter (Creme Organization)

26. Gesloten Cirkel – Yamagic (Moustache)

27. DXR – Fader Pushing Sunday (Klakson)

28. Smith n Hack – Falling Stars (Smith n Hack)

Lakker – Untitled (Stroboscopic Artefacts)

Reviewed by: The Hi-Tek Lo-Life

SA019 Artwork

Lakker deliver, once again, something hot, spicy and downright powerful within the claustrophobically intense confines of this EP. This EP is a rapid follow up from Lakker’s Monad XIV also on Stroboscopic Artefacts and here they continue to slice through the swathes of generic techno pap currently available to really stand out as something purely original and with a real vision and purpose all of their own.

Whilst I am not, and never have been a fan of the ‘untitled’ track/release labelling trend (just laziness in my opinion) the quality of the music on here more than makes up for the lapse of judgement in titling. ‘Harbour’ is a fiercely rolling number that sounds like it was forged in some hellish blast-furnace, ghouls and spectres fly out of my bass cones when listening to this at the right level. Spine chilling chords and phat, tightly distorted kick drums collide at the speed of sound and the resulting tension is palpable.

‘eeAea’ is another taste of something eerie, the percussion here is slightly more ‘straight up’, four to the floor for the most part, though it is laden with plenty of flourishes and variety and the malevolence that reverberates within the lead synth will travel with you through your dreamscapes long after first listen. The groove on this is ferocious, and kind of cannibalises itself as the track progresses. This is not music for those lacking intestinal fortitude.

Last up on this slab of delightfully disturbing tech is ‘Valentina Lane’, a track that is in many ways the antithesis to the accompanying tracks on this EP. Though very obviously by the same producers, maintaining the same production ethos the atmosphere is less intense with an icy-cool, breezy dub flavour and jerky, off beat drum programming. This track serves as a perfect relief from the tension and phobia inducing vibe of the rest of the EP.

Once again Stroboscopic Artefacts – which is rapidly becoming one of my favourite labels – have dropped something rather special into my sweaty little mitts, and full credit should go to them for continuing on their chosen path.

This release is available to preview and purchase HERE:

Various Artists – Data Courier EP (Soiree Records)

Reviewed by: Neil Martin


Let’s start with the press release quote ‘Data Courier – the consummate transfer of absolute rhythmic knowledge’. Now that is a good description of a collection of artists from around the world via the D’s own Soiree records imprint.

First up is Drivetrain and ‘Digital toy box’ a really well produced track that just fuses dubby sounds with some subtle keys, a sort of digital whistle. Underpinned by a solid kick drum this track does has a sound of its own, along with the pulsating synth work it grabs hold of you and transports you into the groove. A couple of listens and the quality of this track is revealed with the dexterous production and Detroitesque interlude part way through, with its classic chord changing, this really does get better and better with each listen.

Next up is ‘L’émotion Revoltée’ by Motomitsu and what we have is more of the same calibre. This time the jerky, snappy percussion sets the scene for the vocal sample that sits so well as the track builds and builds into a driving club winner that’s keeps you hooked with its robotic character. The keys have that harsher industrial feel you get from the D but with a jazz tone that really compliments the jerky, groovy beats. Two releases of excellent quality guiding us through this EP packed full of electronic goodness leading us to the next cut, ‘LV-427’ by Blackjack. A producer that I am relatively new to knowing about but one who has already impressed with an approach perfectly suited to the take of electronic funk that this release is presenting. From the start this had my head nodding with the funk in the beat and the depth of the keys. The BPM and urgency is slightly less than the first two but that just allows the groove to grab hold of you and take you somewhere relaxing and packed with electronic bliss. As I say I am a fan of the Blackjack sound and this release further establishes this view.

Finally we have Dax Inc. and ‘Beatz’ which is a debut release for two Italian artists on the label. Not surprisingly we are given just what the title says, beats. There is a lo-fi sound to this that I like and the funk is most definitely present here as the release finishes off with a useful DJ tool that is more than that but has a versatile quality to it that is hard to ignore. This will work on the floor with its sparse pulsing beat and subtle strings that just sits well at the right points through the track.

This release delivers on its intention and statement of being ‘the consummate transfer of absolute rhythmic knowledge’ – Check.

This release is forthcoming and links to preview and purchase will be added as and when we receive them.

Deepchord – Electrostatic Soundfields LP

Reviewed by: Neil Martin

Rod Modell makes a welcome return, this time on the Scottish Soma imprint. I am a big fan of the style of dub infused, avant garde techno sound that he is so well known and respected for. That sparse, analogue sound of electricity held together by the beat. Now this latest outing is slightly different as it has no beats, what we are given are twenty sonic sound scapes. Those of you that are used to the ten minute immersion in dub will have no trouble embracing this different approach, as you will find all the hallmarks of the Deepchord sound present. This is not just a concept album as tracks like ‘Plankton’ and ‘Whispering Pines’ take us on journeys inside our minds to other worldly places and ‘Amsterdam Remnant 6’ is just straight up Deepchord / Echospace sparse funk. This is experimental, even by Deepchord or Detroit standards and we should be grateful for the boundaries being pushed. To be honest I haven’t really heard anything quite like this before, this is a good thing and the album should be embraced as a complete piece of art. There is a feel for me of Drexciya, particularly with this being an ambient piece it really gives the themes that they explored a fresh sound. I am taken to a deep underwater image in my mind when listening to this, it may just be me and you could and should well have a different mental image when listening but this is powerful music that will have a profound impact on you. The press release says that this album ‘would not be out of place in a David Lynch movie’ and I have to agree that it is abstract and yet that signature dub sound runs straight though it.

In summary you need this if you like Dub Techno, experimental electronics, ambient sound scapes, introspective moments or you like a good book and want something both fascinating and stimulating to accompany your relaxation- recommended.

This release is available to preview/purchase HERE:

Lakker – Monad XIV (Stroboscopic Artefacts)

Reviewed by: The Hi-Tek Lo-Life

Always on the ‘edge’, no two tracks of theirs ever sound the same and yet their ‘sound’ is truly theirs. Lakker, never the ones to rest on their laurels are always on a journey of sonic and atmospheric exploration; pushing envelopes and attempting to chart new territories. Rarely easy or comfortable listening but occasionally sublime. The stuff of nightmares juxtaposed with moments of inherent beauty. Ranging from full on Techno to distorted, abstract noisescapes, with a dash of Electro and always, with an abundance of feeling.
This is Lakker, this release is no exception from what is written above . Check it, appreciate it, buy it. HERE: